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         Reducing your electrical bill

               and saving the world


In this day and age energy consumption has become extremely costly, and not just on our pocketbooks, but also on the well being of the environment.   To create solutions to these ballooning costs we need to consider where we can reduce our needs for electricity. The consumption of less energy will help us to keep money from flying out of our pockets and result in a positive impact to the world as a whole. If we can reduce our consumption of energy, we can eliminate the need for more toxic Power Plants, and in turn we pave the way to healthier World. Each one of has the“power” to make a positive impact. Our results will create long term sustainability that will influence the whole world. Listed below of just of few of the many ways we can reduce our carbon footprints: and the result is more money in your pocket and better world to live in.

Would you like to do your part for the environment, and save a bit of money in the process? 


1. Perform and Energy Audit. This will show you where the bulk of your energy is being consumed. When you have this information you can then decide what can be improved upon or reduced to create greater energy savings. It can be as simple as making a habit of shutting off lights each time you exit a room.


2. Install programmable thermostats for heating and cooling. Lowering your temperature settings during sleeping hours can greatly reduce your electrical bill and overall energy consumption. This is an easy way to save without losing any of you creature comforts.


3. Update old lighting fixtures. By simply changing you light bulbs to fluorescent or LED lighting you can considerably cut down on electrical consumption. Updated fluorescent lighting consumes approximately 70 percent less electricity than an incandescent light fixture. The savings of LED lighting is even greater. LED lighting has a higher initial cost commitment, but the long term results will make up the difference in savings due to the long life of LED lighting


4. Energy Star Appliances. Updating old energy consuming appliances with new energy star appliances can create even greater reductions in energy bills. The new refrigerators and washers have newer technology allowing them to still perform necessary duties while using very little electricity compared to appliances ten or more years old.


5. Eliminating Phantom loads. Phantom loads are those small lights that remain on even after you supposedly have shut down your TV or computer. Instead of completely shutting down these loads, they go into a sleep mode that still draws considerable electricity when you add them all up. By installing a simple plug strip with toggle “off” switch you can shut all electronics completely down. Every little bit adds up. The more conscious you are, the greater the savings. Each of has the power to make a positive difference. You can do it…….. Save Money while Saving the World!

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